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Matlab code for object detection using Webcam? Answered

Hello , I am using Arduino to control a car and i want to make it autonomous by using a webcam to see the object i want and make the car moves to this location i need several things
1) Matlab Code
2)Interface between Matlab and Arduino 
3)How to connect between them (software not hardware)

I need any tutorial to learn or any instructions to make my project
I see many people done this before but unfortunately they   did not mention how to start in this kind of projects
 I really really appreciate any help


Look up "machine vision".

thanks for ur help but i feel like it is still mysterious :D

Yes! That's the point. Machine vision is an active area of research. If you really want to get involved, look up some published scholarly papers on the subject, find a professor at a university near you, and go to graduate school. The project you describe would make an outstanding Ph.D. thesis.

Can Matlab even do something like this?
Anyways, you should look into using ultrasonic transducers to measure range and detect objects. They are cheap and you should be able to find plenty of guides to using them. Also they interface directly with the Arduino.

Object detection with streaming video is not something you just whip up on your own, and if you do patent it and become rich, because there are teams of brilliant engineers trying to come up with functioning, reliable systems to do it and even they haven't completely solved it. (See all the robot cars in that DARPA funded race crashing). Point is you need to use more traditional methods, like ultrasonic range finding.

THIS should be the answer to your second and third questions but it's kind of useless in context of the overall goal because the answer to question one is, code like that doesn't exist.

It is easy to use ultrasonic and IR sensors , its the challenge in using webcam to search for anything , but what faces me that i am not familiar with Matlab or any programming language dealing with image processing , so i cant write a code , i want to learn , or even use someone code because it's not dealing with my career as i making this project alone but i should have someone know things about this staff , i think of changing the whole idea and start making a robot that controlled through Android phone is it cool ? ,, i dont know much about latest projects and the most exciting ones , so i dont know if it is amazing or not but i have a friend Network Engineer who will deal with the android and i will try to control the Robot :D Thank u 4 ur help :D :D :D

Ultrasonic and IR is not necessarily easy.
If you don't know a programming language then image detection on a video stream is not where to start. Besides I wasn't saying that it is simply challenging. It is such a challenge that the top experts in the world have not solved it satisfactorily. Trying to solve one of the greatest and most enduring problems in a field is not how you should start in that field. It will make you frustrated when you can't make it work. You need to build a solid foundation and have a lot more experience to tackle a problem like machine vision.

Controlling a robot from Android is a much more attainable goal. There are several people and guides here on Instructables that can help you do it but it will still challenge you if you are learning Arduino and Android.

Try looking into OpenCV: http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/