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May 2014 site update - achievements + new editor Answered

Last night we rolled out a few new features of the site that you may have already noticed, the largest impact will be around the new editor when authoring an Instructable and achievements badges (as seen on comments).

New Editor:
We've had a "try the new editor" button at the top of the old editor a few months now, giving you ample opportunity to kick the tires, test out the new interface, and see the direction we're heading. We've now officially dumped the old editor in favor of the new. We're sad to see our faithful old editor go, but the new editor has many enhancements (like image dropping, step swapping, and enabling hyperlinks just by pasting them as text). We've worked hard for this new editor to be more robust than its predecessor and last just as long. As with all new things, there's going to be some hiccups along the way. If you notice anything don't be shy about leaving a comment here detailing what you've experienced.

About 3 years ago we started kicking around the idea of rewarding authors with medals for milestones reached on our site. We thought it would be a fun way to showcase amazing authors at a glance beyond just the "featured" banner (which is now a medal that hangs at the top of your Instructable). A few things came in the way of making that happen when we first thought of gamification (launching of the international Instructables and some major back-end overhauls) but we've finally made the time to make it a reality.

We've started with bronze/silver/gold achievements for featured Instructables, comments, and views and have plans to roll out more achievements later. For now, these will display on comments you leave which will augment the profile card that generates when you mouse-over your username. Look for medals to make their way to your profile page in an update soon.

Other notes from this release:
(fixed) heaps of boring back end stuff
(fixed) Instructables with more than 50 comments have the 'next' button to view remainder of comments
(fixed) remove related collections from draft preview
(new) editor supports youku.com embed links (you're welcome, China)
(new) revamped keyword entry
(new) as we work with sponsors there will be a 'sponsored' label in lieu if a 'featured' label
(new) International Instructables received some much needed love for user interface

As with all updates to Instructables we want to hear your feedback. In the coming weeks we'll be tweaking this update so things all play nice together and work like they are supposed to. Remember to clear your browser cache completely and refresh the site to get the best results.

So, what do you think?


Not sure if this is the best forum, but is there anyway to include sorting options when using the search function of the website? For example, could we have a sort by date (oldest to newest and newest to oldest), by relevance to search topic, by author, and/or by category (i.e. tech, workshop, craft, etc.)? Apologies if I'm just not savvy enough to find see what might already be in front of me! You guys are great! -- Jim

Thank you for this posting. It is appreciated. As you know, medals have already made their way to one's profile page.

The very best.


3 years ago

drag and drop upload images only seems to work on the first few. i wanna use the old editor :-( buttons that only appear as your hovering are really not helpful. does having the old interface really take up that much server space.

I have one featured instructable but no medal! What's up with that?

You need 1+ to get the bronze medal, that means you need at least two featured to get the medal.

You can find the full medals list on my profile page in the orangeboard.

You get the badge on your page but not on your icon that people see around the forums.

I will try to explain it further:

On the forums and on a persons 'ible if someone has commented you will be able to see a thumbnail of their profile picture.

Beside that is a line of up to three medals.

This is what I call an "icon".

If you have 1 'ible featured you will see a medallion on your profile page but not on your icon.

To get a medallion on your icon you need 1 unit more than the medallion says (eg. 1+ means you need at least 2 or more).

I understand what you're saying. It doesn't make any sense to have the medal on your profile and not next to your icon.

No I don't know why they put 1+ instead of 1.

Because they have it at 1+ means it won't show the medal everywhere if you only have one featured.

BTW, do you want more low ranks in the medal system like platinum, diamond, iron, ruby, sapphire?

I prefer to keep it simple. The point seems to be about making it easy to see what kind of member someone is. If there are tons of different levels and colors, it would be impossible to keep track. Besides, it may take forever to hit a million views, but it will be epic when you do.

I see your point on the million.

Yes it would be better to keep it simple and I don't know why it is that way.

Note the missing featured medal in the photos, this is not due to me inspecting element or the page not loading because the other members have it too.


Because then the medal would only show if you had 2, if you had 1 or 3 it wouldn't show due to coding.

There is no complete guide to the medals so everyone is still learning.

If you want more medals in the list and more levels to acquire then please PM some of the editors - if enough people follow through we may just have an extra heap of medals!

Achievement medals are temporarily broken. There's a pernicious little bug in the code who apparently does not like gamification. We will squash that bug as soon as we find him. (And we'll give ourselves an imaginary platinum medal upon doing so, just out of spite.)

While fixing the bug is there any chance of adding a few extra medals at more stages in the rankings?

Instead of jumping from 10,001 to 1,000,001 maybe add 50,000 - 100,000 - 250,000 - 500,000 - 750,000 and then have the 1M.

I have over 11,000 views but i still don't have the medal yet...


3 years ago

Instructables, I love you. I really, really love you! Thank you!

Please bring back the functionality to display and edit the html code directly. Until the update came I had a nice table in a instructable I'm working on and now thats gone :( . If for some reason that's not possible, please add a button to create a table. Hope you can do something about it.

Hi there,

I believe that may have been a pro feature. It looks like you've been pro in the past, but unfortunately our backend may have stripped out your tables if you went back to edit an Instructable after the pro membership expired.

The new editor does not support tables directly, but any HTML we've supported in the past shouldn't be removed, at least not by the editor.

Very sorry to hear your table was removed, though.

I love the new editor, it's fast and no nonsense. I especially love the easy movement of Images from here and there. It was not working properly on IE10 earlier, so I used FF but now after updating to IE11, it works like charm.

My hats off to the team who designed the concept of this editor...big ...applaud.

About the medals, I love them too. I wish I know more about the counts for each type of medals.

Great job done here :)

Here you go;


-Gold: 100*

-Silver: 10+

-Bronze: 1+


-Gold: 1000+

-Silver: 500+

-Bronze: 100+


-Gold: 10M+

-Silver: 1M+

-Bronze: 10K+

Hope this helps!

Wow, 10M+ views. I'm not sure that I will long enough alive to see that happen :)

Yeah, there's only one person with that many: JessyRatfink. Haha it'll take a while to get there!

I just noticed the achievements and I love them. I think they're fun and give some stats without having to go to that person's profile. I don't think I can add anything since you guys seem to have hashed out which values are a little high, and could have intermediate levels. Maybe gold should be a little lower, then have a diamond or adamentium level.

I like the new editor. Achievements are fine and good
(though I did wonder why mine were all greyed out), but the bar seems
ludicrously high on some of the categories. I guess you don't want anyone
getting complacent, huh...

Ludicrously high. That was by design, because most of us at HQ were mildly concerned that explicitly gamifying the core things we want people doing on the site–sharing great projects, commenting on one another's work, and racking up pageviews–might actually be counterproductive for the people already doing those things.

I'm happy with the thresholds, even though the pageviews number for gold is pretty high. Only 8 people have hit the 10 million pageview mark, and they're all staff. Kipkay, Stormdrane, and Phil B are the closest to gold at around the 7 million mark.

We can't monkey around too much with the numbers, but we'll revisit the numbers after some time to determine whether we need to tweak the thresholds.

I know it's probably more trouble than it's worth, but would it be possible to add a fourth rank in commenting? Diamond maybe? Unobtanium? Kryptonite?

That's a fantastic idea. Got any threshold ideas that'd help folks compete with Kiteman's absurd comments total? (Unobtanium, Kryptonite, and Adamantium are wonderful elements that also happen to be a bit easier to differentiate from silver than, say, platinum in mini-icon form.)

Well, I assume there's only a handful of people with comments in or even near the Kiteman range. I myself have been around for a while and comment when I feel the need, and I haven't even broken 3K. Why not set the Bronze at 500, the silver at 1000, the gold at 2500 or 3000, and the (insert precious metal here) at 10k? Or add even more medals? Possibly, you can introduce a stacking medal system, like for every 1000 you'd get +1 gold medals? Like, a person with 5000 comments would have a picture of a gold medal with a little "x5" by it, or visible on mouseover. Communicates the number more clearly but doesn't clutter the visuals much. I mean, those are just arbitrary values from me, but it seems a bit more of a challenge. I mean, with the current medal system, at first glance it looks like I have the same level of comments as Kiteman.

Could Robotanium be an element?

Also, the views count is a bit off. Like, I have closing on 200k but I have the same medal as someone with 10k. Maybe add another rank at 100k?

Rankings are fun.

The "comments" gold have been set a little low...

It's disproportionately low compared to the other two achievements. It's also the only stat under the full control of each author, independent of editors or readers. Gotta leave something attainable on the table.

Hehe, I was just thinking that I hit gold nearly 33 times over...

Kiteman is the Michael Phelps of instructables commenting.

I think you have created a different problem of counterproductivity - getting from bronze to silver in views is going to be depressingly difficult (factor of 100). On the other hand, I'm not sure you really need to worry about the motivation of your 1M+ views authors...

Water you on about? I think I need some context for this video...

At least you know who I am - imagine the confusion of a random stumbler!

Heck, I'm not sure what's going on, and I'm nearly in it!

~3 comments/day for a year is probably worth gold status for mere mortals.


4 years ago

Woohoo, that's a pretty spiffy editor. Now that I'll finally have a chance to make stuff again (college, can't live with it, can't live without it), I'll get to try it out.

Also loving the new Medals, It makes me look super official now when I comment on things *puffs out chest*

Hi Mike and everyone, I cant get bullets to work on the new editor even if I cut and paste them in. Is this a bug or have i missed something?


Will there be a file name search function added to the image gallery?

Does the new editor work properly on tablets now?

But the app has no formatting options at all.