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May I be advised on powering cheap lasers from this device? Answered

I've got a "6V" SLA connected to it's original charger.
It's currently driving a motor with a mirror glued to it, I want to add a couple of cheap laser modules to the same power supply.
>SLA  charges at over 7V
>No load voltage is less than 6V
>When running the motor the voltage across the terminals is less than 5V

I do have a couple of UA79M12C -ve voltage regulators, and think I should use one.
The cheap lasers are built to run from 3 button-cells (~4.5V)

Advice appreciated



Get yourself an LM317 and program the output voltage to 4.5V. Job done as far as I can see./


OK, I might have something like that, somewhere... You wouldn't expect the UA79M12C (that are right in front of me) to work in that voltage range then?


They're not readily adjustable - PM me if you want a couple dropping in an envelope.