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May I use a 9v 1A transformer instead of 9v 400ma one? Answered

I have bought a turntable which comes with a USA transformer 9v 400ma. I want to use it in Sweden so I have to buy  a European transformer. I found one that transform to 9v 1000ma. Is it going to cause any damage to the device if I use it? Thanks.



Best Answer 4 years ago

YES you can !

But be prepared to pay more weight fees to some airlines.

The 1A transformer weighs more then the 0.4A transformer :-)


Thanks a lot all of you!!!

You will get a consensus that it is Ok as long as the ma is the same or greater and not less.

you will have no issue, The mA rating is just the maximum current that can be drawn though the trasformer, as you are getting one with a larger rating you will have no issues and it wont effect the machine. :)

It SHOULD be fine. It should only draw as much current as it needs. There is still the possibility that some part of the circuit will draw too much but it if everything is done right it shouldn't be a problem.