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Cya People Im gone for who knows how long Answered

Hello fellow instructablers. I Sypran, might leave instructables for 2-6 months (just the knex instructables) I may i dont know if i will or not... of course you may still find me on here (posably) JUST TO NOTE- THIS MAY START NEER THE END OF THE MONTH- the reason for this is that i want to free my mind of alot of what standards are of knex guns these days, and invent useing my own personal building style (like i used to, though all things i have posted are my building style) cause i hate inventing things based off of other peoples building styles, and guns (like takeing the shell) the reason Im gona wait till the end of the month is to help people last minute with my things (but then again i might just stick with my stuff to help people) please if you still want to leave comments for me (i will happily read/answer them) I bet nobody will miss me at all, my inventions realy are no that good, popular, and un...actualy most are origonal... $10 says that if i ever finish building what im building now it wont be accepted


Good Luck. And a piece of advice; to avoid embarrassment later, when having your picture taken, always remember where each hand is and how it may be viewed by anyone viewing the picture later. :-)

Lol! That's pretty funny.

??? salute is embarising?

What are do you look like you are holding in your left hand?

ok the left on a mirror image is my right so that means...oh opps... (ugh i hate 10 sec timmer somtimes)

Okay, erm.. Good bye!

10 bucks? You're on!

ok i won! cash or credit? and when will i expect the money =P

Uh.....uh......um...uh.....*Beep* We are sorry, the number you have called is unavailable. Please try again later. This is a recording. *beep*


10 years ago

Good luck on your mystic journey.