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Me and my friend are gonna start selling stuff at school (were in junior high). What should we make/sell.? Answered

We honestly have no clue... Were both teenagers and we need money :O
Also : What should we do like hand out fliers or buisness cards or i dont know... :O pleasee help :D


Watch and listen to your friends and classmates - what are they short of most often?

In my school, I have a fairly constant problem with my pupils not having pens, pencils etc, yet they seem to have spare cash for break time tuck.


6 years ago

Food always sells: Nachos, cupcakes, candy, popcorn balls, etc.

Schools often object to that, on grounds of "health and safety".

1. Make sure it's OK with your school FIRST before you spent money on stock.

2. Sell things people want

3. Sell things there is a good profit margin on.

4. In a place as small as a school if your product is wanted people WILL get to know and WILL seek you out.

.5 Things that have sold well in school I have been in - as legit business course activities:

Valentines roses - sold and delivered.
Sweets - Bought in bulk and broken down into smaller packages.
Birthday balloons Helium filled.
A sports boot cleaning service
A service to make a personalised key ring (we allowed the students to use the departments laser cutter to engrave acrylic.
Toys - Stuffed toys
Puzzles - metal and wooded puzzles

What about selling services, like tutoring? You could also mow lawns, wash cars or shovel snow (depending on where you live), and then you could advertise throughout your neighborhood.

As far as advertising in school, you may want to consult with the school administration. Usually they have an approved bulletin board for such things, but all schools have different policies. It's best to not get in trouble over something like that.