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Measuring the piezo transducer with oscilloscope Answered

I am conecting a piezo disc as a microphone to pick up vibrations.
.The problemm is when I measure the signal with osciloscope I am getting a messy and modified one with many noise 
If I am measuring it with PC oscilloscope (threw the sound card mic input) I am gatting a clean desirable signal
What is the true signal and what I am doing bad with the oscilloscope.



3 years ago

Piezo transducers have a very high output impedance, typically over 10 Megaohms. For comparison, guitar pickups are usually categorized as "high impedance" audio outputs and they generally run 3K-15K ohms, much lower than piezo devices (7000 ohms vs. 10,000,000 ohms). Your 'scope may have a lower input impedance than the PC input, which effects it's performance, in this case.

High impedance output devices tend to be inherently noisier, also.

High output impedance devices generally call for an even higher input impedance on the next stage, or signal is lost. You could use an opamp to buffer the disk.

Your scope might pick up on interference through the cables.
Try to connect the probes as direct as possible to the piezo.
Could also be wrong use of the scope altogether, no idea without more info...


Wrong use is my worry too... but I don`t know what exactly wrong

Filters, probe settings, calibration, wrong timebase or voltage selected....

Think found it.... Wrong connections....

Well, we never stop learning...
So the scope is now showing proper results?

Not the expected but real results:) no the one I want to see but real is good:)