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Mechanical Bucking Rodeo Bull Answered

Hey everyone, does anyone have plans or know a website that explains how to make your own mechanical bucking bull? Doesn't have to be as complicated as a proper one, just something to have a bit of fun on, and not too expensive to make. Thanks!


Hi again, I have searched the internet from one end to another with no luck.....surely some clever person out there has some suggestions? A couple of washing machine motors, connected to a frame of some sort - a saddle on a drum, or something???? Doesn't have to be as serious as a real one, I know they are dangerous, just something that moves around a bit for fun. I've heard of a bungee bull, suspended on elastic - any ideas on that??? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

. The "bungee bulls" I've seen were just oil drums. Many combinations of ropes, chains, springs, bungees, etc.

Unless you've had professional training, i wouldn't even try it...it won't be safe at all.