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Mechanical Logic Gates, got some of your own design? Answered

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I've been fascinated by logic gates and how they're used for quite a while now, and then I thought, "why not mechanical logic gates?". After a few brief searches on trusty ol' Google, there aren't exactly "a lot" of sources from which to draw from. I've designed a few (rudimentary) mechanical logic components myself, such as an AND gate and an OR gate (I was gonna do a negated IMPLIES gate, but I came up with the idea during Biology class, so that's pretty much gone now).

The thing with electronic logic gates is that they are standardized (kinda), which makes building logic circuits easy, because you wouldn't have to build hundreds of different designs of the same logic gate just for that circuit, alone.

Maybe some of you have some logic gate designs to share? Maybe we could standardize some mechanical logic gates and someone might just make a cardboard computer out of 'em :D

Just to add, I am aware of the usage of weights, balls, gears, linkages, and lever-type systems for mechanical logic. We can come up with a few for each type, I guess. (this excludes fluidics, the use of water and/or air for logical computation)

Yes, I have searched instructables, but even then, not a lot of sources (though some are quite fantastic, might I add).
ADHD version: Got some ideas for mechanical logic gates?Maybe we can standardize them, somehow :D


I know you said you wanted to avoid the topic, but I can't help but share. For awhile now, I have been interested in trying to design a water based computer. The logic gates would be specialized water valves that would only allow water through under certain conditions. Each gate would also amplify the water pressure the same way a transistor would amplify current, whist also keeping the flow of water in only one direction. The inputs and outputs would have those Christmas tree connectors you used to see in science classes of the sinks and gas lines, with flexible rubber tubes to push in place for the connectors. Figured once something was designed, You could very easily make a simple adder for demonstration, then let your imagination go crazy! Let me know what your thoughts are!

Have you seen logic goats?