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Meet our own lynnebruning in Denver Answered

Come meet award winning wearable artist, textile enchantress, and Maker Lynne Bruning at Denver Makers' May 21st Meeting!

Lynne will discuss how to weave conductive cloth and demonstrate how to embed electronics, LilyPads, conductive thread and LEDs into hand woven fabrics.

And if you can't make it to Denver, see her at San Francisco's Maker Faire 2009!
(really in San Mateo)

I cannot wait. She is my hero.

Lynne, if you're reading this (which I can only assume you are) how bouts an autograph at Maker Faire?? I'll get you a t-shirt. . . .



I take it this is not going to be at Denver, PA ? *sigh*

Ditto, Goodhart... Lynne... er... Ms. Bruning?... have you thought about coming to PA? There are a lot of costumers and artists here who would love to learn more about your work close-up (hint, hint...)

One never knows where I might pop up next. Thanks for the brain worm and I will keep you on my radar!

You will also get to tour the latest and greatest Maker space in Denver!
Club Workshophttp://www.clubworkshop.com/
THE place for DIY welding, plasma cutters, car repairs, wood working and embrodiery machines!

Thanks Steve for letting models sashay thru your workshop!

Ha ha. Shameless leverage of my job at Instructables.

WOW! I can't wait to meet you at Maker!! I want your autograph - I mean how many people have scoochmaroo penned on their ible's shirt?! thanks for the super promo!