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I didn't realize I was the token female

 Very interesting indeed!  Are females less likely to be aspies, or is it just that this site is mainly populated by males?

From what I read. It Is uncommon for females to be aspies. The numbers are alot lower

It is funny too, that the T-shirt I posted about it being a Gift, has a female on the front of it, and the book I just read, Aspergers and Anxiety has a female pictured on the front cover.....*shrug*

 I asked the advocate that is helping me, she is a pom (from the UK) asnd worked with Aspies there she said it was true, but did not know why.

(She is advocating for me, BUT I am having to help her operate her PC, but together, 25 miles apart, we are putting together neat letters)

Chris, you are unique.

The Queen bee in a hive of worker bees.

As I believe we are the forerunners in humans evolving up to the next level, could it bee the next level changes human social behavior too, so its more like a bee hive?

After all, our main trait is we don't socialize well.

Well Chris, if that is true, I am telling you now, I will bow my head whenever I see you, BUT I am not going to work, WE got Goodhart for that.

PS, I wil check with JG whom took me thru that Rdos test, and see what he says, but I already know, its mostly males in the Aspie social group that I am too unsociable to be with.

Goodhard expect JG to be introduced on FB shortly)

HEY WAIT! Who says Goodhart gets to have all the fun?

I am definitely looking more positive at my life since finding, the test, this forum, etc. I will thanking my psych.

 negative is good too, otherwise no AC to run your TV on.

You told Chris about your knitting yet?

knitting  knot  (spelling joke)  nitting not;  I didn't really "knit" anything, but did "copy" a crocheted hanging basket (not knowing HOW to crochet,  I just took the yarn and "put it" like the other had it *shrug*....no one told me I COULDN'T do it this way ;-) 

sounds to me like you could and did. I just wondered I have knitted some off the wall things. I made a spinning wheel so I didn't have buy the materials, then made knitted objects that served a purpose. I made head coverings that block out wind for the beach. Because beanies are worthless to those with sensitive ears. I made a bowling ball scrubber, de-oiler for my husband to take to tournaments. etc.

Well, I didn't do it in the conventional way, using the proper methods....I laid out the yarn and just "put it in the positions" that they were on the one I was copying.....shifting this here, and that there, until they looked the same :-)  

 Goodhart, tell the truth and stop being so modest.

You knitted a radio.


And when I see mostly women (i do know men that do) knitting, I got a better term for it.. It is more logical and descriptive too.

"tangling up wool"

For some reason, beyond me,  Later Thinker ;-)  wants me to give you these two Ibles I have posted: 




I recognize the wire braiding, thats what you do when you don't have tools handy. However mine is never that tidy. I always figure I can go back and solder it later, but do I?

I normally only use it when I am at a place where my soldering iron will not reach.....I don't have a battery operated one :-) 

I have had a little success using a mini butane torch, I know they make on that has a tip but I haven't put up the coin for that one.

Haven't been able to get hot enough yet, but I am intrigued enough to try some different things and see if I can make it work.

I will post a link shortly into Resorces re match soldering from MY favorite sesorce, be aware its outside the Aspie forums, I will advise when I do it 

Something told me it was lead foil because lead melts at a low temp, tin melts at a high temp  and aluminum can't be soldered. I was trying it it with different solders and metals but I don't have any lead around because it is a contaminant to noble metals. 1 pt per 10,000 of lead can contaminate beyond repair and I don't like playing with aqua regia to get it back out.

 Chris, the article I was looking for and have not found yet, from memory says,
  1. twist wire ends together, with strip of solder inside
  2. Wrap in tin foil (aluminum) to hold in heat
  3. heat with match (matches?)
If you still have trouble, my suggestion is possibly add a little electrical soldering flux to the joint in step one.try also just that copper wire that comes with a tinned coating, I have seen this with multi circuit cable intended for security alarms, the exact same cable, but without the tinning is sold here as Telepermit phone wiring.

You could maybe pre-tin in your workshop then on site do the joint with the match idea above.

Aspie idea, if the sun is out, focus the sun onto the joint with a magnifying glass, ======solar soldering!

I just thought Chris, are you using the  lead free solder as mandated by the European Central Government 2 years ago?

Without lead, it needs a higher temperature, that maybe matches can not deliver

 The shelf I put up yesterday, how you think we decided where to position it?

Answer, one hole could only be drilled with the concrete pecker having its power cord stretched straight from the power point.

I was in hurry, it just turned out that way after I drilled the first hole closed to the power point.

Each hole took just 20 seconds

that you were knitting wire

leave me to die in  peace, boy am I crook.

I thought I had a dental appointment tomorrow, but it was today. therefore nobody has my day tomorrow, I can hide inside my home 

 I gave up, I use a lot of crimp fasteners now, the 6.3 spade and socket joiner seeing I reconfigure my solar cabling often, I am talking about light solar cables, it needs lots of copper to reduce losses, and I can buy 30 meter 240-volt extension cords cheaper than the same with a plug and socket at each end.

I still use solder on critical joints, but the above is both easier and just as useful.

Braiding is systematic and easy......start with three strands....right one over the middle (which puts the middle to your right), then left one over the middle, then the right then the left.

I keep updating my wiring, so  the spade socket connectors are useful

get a pair of needle nose vice grips and modify it to match the jaws of a  borrowed proper crimp tool like I did, 

Chris, Goodhart is just being modest.

Goodhart the drill rack was not one, I just checked and can not find the second one, maybe its mentioned in the wire fastening one, I recall a picture.

both relate to the knitting conversation

UNLESS its a picture in my head, if so, I am in deep trouble

I am not sure which one you are referring too...so it might be a picture in your head (some people get voices, you get pictures, eh? )

 Depends, the picture is of your project, everybody hears voices, but there is only a problem if its bad voices.

Is there a problem with seeing your picture everywhere?

Yes, there might be.....I wouldn't want you to end up with too much envy  



 In other words, you agree that just like bad voices, your photo is bad pictures inside a Aspie

I don't know about  "inside".....I have never tried taking pictures of my insides. The pic is none too recent....my beard is nearly white now....

 Schizophrenics hear bad voices inside their heads

This Aspie is seeing bad pictures inside his head.

It began when he first saw a picture of a guy called Goodhart, any relation to you Goodhart?

So you both are a figment of my imagination? 

Maybe I should go back to the reality of my dreams

 at least steer Chris to those two projects, braided wiring and that hanger thing you posted to Ins

 I had two ISPs once, website space and dial up per hour with one, and no web site and all you can eat dial up with the other.

The first said it wanted you to use its dial up to update your web site.

But I used the second ISP to update my website.

After 6 months, I was on the phone with the web master have one of our hour long conversations when I mentioned I used the other ISP to access his ISPs web-space. He said, he would totally utterly p i s s e d off if I had hacked thru his security.

I was already on-line via my second phone line, 30-seconds later he went utterly raving bonkers, screaming, swearing, then began crying.

I told him, it was his fault, if it was not technically possible to do it, he should be telling everybody that, because if I had known it was technically impossible, I wouldn't have upset him by doing it.

For certain concessions (free dial up A/C for the drop-in-center) I read out all by browser settings. But I had nothing special, and he still did not know.