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Mega Instructable Answered

Hey, i was wondering if the has ever been a Mega Instructable on instuctables before, cause im gonna make one and its going to have 3 instructables in, 2 projects, 1 mod to a project. should i post it


The M Instructable has been cancled anyway, A. My main parts of the MI have been used for something else, B. I keep geting Instructable comments coming from this and its really iritating!!

NO. DON'T MAKE A MEGA INSTRUCTABLE. You could make one instructable, and link it to other instructables. But if there is three different projects in one, that is just kinda dumb, unless it is something like TimAnderson's 50 tricks (or something like that). It also depends if the projects are related, or if they link into one big project. Three different projects = three different instructables.

yeah, but sometimes links stop working and its hard to repair them, so really, its better to put them in one

Yeah...No. Links usually don't stop working, at least not for me, and if they do, it is a really easy fix.

Mega Instructable? Such as a huge collaboration?

On my opinion a mega Instructable would be a huge collaboration of experts. Say kiteman, ewillhelm, blah blah And have it include their different knowledges.

Let's not forget good ol' Goodhart. You can't forget Goodhart.

Yeah. Goodhart. Weissensteinburg. Kiteman. ewilhelm. canida. Patrik. etc. :-)

What is it were talking about here?

It's a mega-instructable. Pay attention at the back.


10 years ago

There have been a few multi-part Instructables, if that is what you mean. A recent example is nativewater's Build a Greenland Kayak.

But, what subject.

Why not?

are you trying to say, has anyone done an instructable consisting of several smaller instructables?