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Mega Man 9 - Going Classic Answered

Mega Man 9 is back! A classic nintendo game is back on the wii. This great game has been going through some rough times with newer versions going 3D and ruining the game play.

What ever happened to side scrolling video games? These platform games may be something that many people haven't seen in years, but it's hard to deny their appeal with The original Mario leading the way in game sales with over 40 million sold.

If you haven't seen it yet check out this trailer for this awesome game yet, here it is:
-fan tattoo via: mega tattoo


Takes me back!


9 years ago

LOL! 9 looks worse graphics then 8!

hey! that's my display picture, see?

i'm in a videogame!!!! i'm going to be famous. :-)


9 years ago

i noticed that it isnt actually a Wii game but a wiiware game, those wiiware games are just small games, its the same as the virtual console but new games made and demos

Cool. Will there be any changes for the wii version?

yeah i saw the the box art of this game and it's as hilarious as the old ones.

Note to everyone else: NOT a movie!