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Megaboost? A super high storage minty boost? Answered

So im thinking of making a Mintyboost for my ipod/android phone however I'd like to make it into more of a Megaboost. I wanna build it inside of an old Army ammo case and add multiple usb ports, with a much larger capacity battery(s) So my question is can i add the extra batteries in parallel and have them still recharge and operate the same way? Same scenario with the other usb ports?


. I'd just use one battery. A small motorcycle battery (the sealed type, not the open, "old-style" type) would easily fit in your ammo can and supply plenty of run-time (although it may not be the best choice for your application). I would highly recommend that you use a sealed battery (eg, SLA) or one that uses a more-or-less solid electrolyte.

I was thinking many Lithium polymer batteries just because of how little deviations I'd have to do to the original Minty boost designs

Lithium batteries are dangerous to work with if you don't know what you're doing. Lead/Acid gel cells are a lot less likely to explode or start a metal fire. This is one of those "if you have to ask..." areas.

ahhh i see thanks for that lol, I'm an engineer in training however my major is in mechanical :P