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Membership Lost Answered

hi my name is sebastian,

I had a problem with my subscription on instructables i paid 3 moths subscription, and it was gone when i change browser, because i was having trouble downloading a PDF from a walking 3D printing hexapod on safari so i go to chrome and didn't work to, so now i don't have my PDF and my subscription neither, I already  send a mail with PayPal´s payment and explain what happen to 3 different instructables mails. And now how did i know that in 3 moths ill have not to pay for something i don't have, im really worried about that they don't answer and don't know what to do, ill appreciate any kind of useful information.



Please email service@instructables.com with this request. Please include your username

Be patient.

As I type, it will be around 6 or so hours before any admin staff get into the office, but, as soon they do, they will start working through the emails that have arrived over the weekend.

When they get to yours, they will sort you out.