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Memory cards and such from an old computer Answered

I was wondering if anyone knew how to salvage parts from old computers and what can be made from them. Im not a really technichal person so i'd apprecciate it if you could make it simple. Oh yeah, hi, i'm new to the site and thus far its awesome. I doubt i'll post many instructables as im not good with elestronics and stuff but I think im pretty good with taking stuff ,especially when i'm bored, and jury-rigging something entertaining or useful with it. So yeah that's me.


I had a huge box of "very" old ram on eBay a few years ago.... Probably around 75 sticks of various capacities.... The stupid thing sold for $55! I was shocked. Previously, I just removed the IC's, cleaned them up and made bookmarks :P


11 years ago

Alas, most computers have become such a mass of special-purpose chips that they're amount the worst things to salvage. Chances are that even the easily removable memory modules are of little use except in another computer of similar vintage (for instance, here I am stuck with a bunch of (I think) PC100 SODIMMs, whereas all the laptops I find/have are either older than that (shudder) or newer (DDR, DDR2, etc.) very sad. PC power supplies tend to have macroscopic salvagable components like power MOSFETs, diodes, caps, and so on. CDRom/DVD drives will usually have two DC and one 3-phase motors that might be useful. Hard drives have strong magnets and pretty mechanical components. But most of the chips on any of these are so specialized that you'd be hard-pressed to reuse them :-(