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Mens Dress Shirt into womans fitted dress? Answered

I want to make a mens dress shirt into a fitted dress...i want the style to stay the same! how would i go about taking it in...with out ruining it??



8 years ago

why would you even want to do that?

Put it on wrong side out. Get a friend to tailor it to your body and pin it with safety pins. Then put it on the sewing machine and sew along the line of pins. take out the pins. Turn it right side out and try it on. Like it? If not you can always rip out the stitches and try again. It might be a good idea to try it on with the pins before you sew it. Lets see that dress.

That's an excellent plan! Something to recycle the old, new, and used shirts the closet. You can get mens shirts in the 'offsize' section for like 4 bucks - its just rare they fit.