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"Meow", the joke that never gets noticed! Answered

    Okay, the joke I am going to be showing you is called "Meow".  It was invented by my brother in 8th grade, and it is absolutely hilarious! Oh, and by the by, you need to be able to keep a straight face for this joke, or it will not work.

    So, the joke is very simple. You just insert a subtle "meow" into your sentence when you are talking to someone.  Example:

    "Hey, man! How are you doing?"  "Oh, pretty good, meow."  "That's great."  "So, meow, umm, have you heard of the concert coming to town? meow."  "Yeah, I've heard of it."  "Are you going? meow."  "No, I can't."  "meow. Well, that sucks. meow. Well, I'm going to the concert. meow."  "Well, see you later, I have a bus to catch."  "Okay, meow. See you later!" 

    It really helps to make the pitch of the "meow"s to be the same as the sentence before or after.  My brother had to do a speech in front of the class, and he said "meow" FIFTY-TWO times in the the speech, and nobody noticed!


I highly doubt your brother invented this. It was in a movie released in 2001, that was probably written long before that. Watch the movie Supertroopers: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247745/ It is funny, though.

Well, I don't think we ever saw that movie... But, who knows?

We need to send a letter recomending he replaces uh with meow! I think he would sound more intelligent. Super happy fun time dance! (>^_^)> <(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (v^_^v) (>^_^)> (>^_^)> <(^_^<).


6 years ago

This was from meow super troopers... that was a good movie meow.

Thats funny know whats a funny word to say? tad lol Like its a tad too cold out lol rich people use it.

I don't get it

Watch it one day. It's something everyone should see!

See I tend to add words to add Mc to the start of random words when describing a comical amount more of something, this upsets employees of both burger king and mcdonalds... The apple store liked, I don't like the apple store...