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Mercury switch and worlds smallest shocker question.... Answered

Would anyone know about attaching a small mercury switch to a world's smallest shocker 2.5 (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-the-worlds-smallest-shocker-wLED/). I'm trying to make it so every time the switch is in a resting state the WSS is on and every time the switch is tilted the WSS is off. It's essentially a pedometer/torture device that i'm building.
Also, does anybody know where to get a small mercury switch or equally sized alternative, as I know the switch is quite controversial in some parts.


i'm afraid you will have a hard time finding a mercury switch now, because mercury is not for sale because of the toxicity it gives out if you throw it away or if you inhale some vapours. But there are lots of alternatives to it!
I recently found a mercury swith and was kind of embarassed of what to do with it but I put it in one of my prototype rifles as a tilt sensor.
anyway serch on amazone, ebay, and all those sites, you might find one
good luck!

Attaching: just break the circuit at a suitable point (probably next to the battery) and insert the switch.

For the switch itself, a small steel ball-bearing resting on a pair of contacts might be easier to get, but you can buy mercury-free tilt-switches.

You could even make your own tilt-switch, combining two instructables in one.

Could you elaborate on the attaching process a little more? (I'm an electronics noob)

Cut wire.

Put switch in gap.

Connect cut wire to switch.



Ok, i've finally gotten started on my project and im at the point where i connect the switch; for my final question, when you say to cut the wire to you mean the battery's ground wire or positive wire? (sorry for repeat post)