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Mercury??? Answered

Well i have seen some "places" that sell mercury (dont ask me where), and I was wondering what would someone need mercury for, other than making a thermometer?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It used to be used to separate gold flakes from mud.  A lot of California has higher levels of mercury from the gold rush days.

Test instruments that measure presure and them. were made with mercury though fewer are now made with mercury.

Some of the new flourescent lights use mercury.

Wikipedia has a great article on mercury.

Whoi, fah Klaining haits of course.

Apart from being used inside EVERY fluorescent light ?

It makes useful amalgams with many metals. Huge amounts were used in amalgam dental fillings.

Its used to make various chemicals. Mercury fulminate is occasionally used as a detonator for example.

It is/was also used for mercury triggered switches and the rather beautiful mercury arc rectifier. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_arc_valve