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Merit Badges for the Proudly Nerdy Answered

Yes, I was a girl scout.

And NO ONE in my troupe had more merit badges than me.

I miss those beautifully embroidered circles of majesty, medallions of my skills and talents, proudly decorating my bright green sash for the world to interpret.

Well honey, those days are not over.

Thanks to BOING BOING for turning me on to the "ORDER OF THE SCIENCE SCOUTS OF EXEMPLARY REPUTE AND ABOVE AVERAGE PHYSIQUE" http://www.scq.ubc.ca/order-of-the-science-scouts-of-exemplary-repute-and-above-average-physique/ and Nerd Merit Badges,http://www.nerdmeritbadges.com/ with their specialty-themed badges.

There's something in there for everyone, from the "I've touched human internal organs with my own hands" badge to the "I may look like a scientist, but I'm actually also a pirate" badge.

I'm hoping to pass my "I've set fire to stuff" (LEVEL II) test and get that badge any day now.



5 years ago

I love the skill badges that are being offered here on Adafruit. There's even an Instructables badge!

I've earned well over a dozen of those!

I ought to start collecting...

Girl scouts don't have merit badges anymore. They have patches for things that they did. Like Ice skating, going to the movies, lock in, building a bear, donating to the planned parenthood etc. They don't even do campouts anymore! Just over night lock-ins

I realize this is from a while back, but I didn't want anyone finding this later to think that was true. My troop earns badges (merit badges are what the boys earn) in camping, cooking, first aid, etc. We just came back from camping and we rode bikes to the ocean. Last year they took a surfing lesson. My Cadettes (middle school) are planning a camping trip for the younger girls in our area.

We do nerdy stuff too. Next month they will work on their Digital Movie Maker badge. Their favorite thing last year (other than the surfing) was an all-day engineering workshop at Draper Labs in Cambridge.


Wow! I think I qualify for about 30 of them...

26... if only I had built more robots. In a note of interest I nearly electrocuted myself once, and notice you set fire to yourself. Perhaps that's because of our difference in the ninja/pirate philosophies?


Aha- I was wondering how to display them all in a compact fashion. Justifications for all of these are available (I'm quite proud of the 5th and 6th row :D)


What's the "flipping-the-bird" badge for? (Middle second row) L

"The “I can be a p**** when it comes to science” badge.
In which the recipient can be so passionate about things of a scientific nature, that he/she may appear surly, rude, and/or unpleasant."

Haha, same here for some of them, in particular sign me up for that one in the first column, third down...

Have you read what that is?

Appropriate, is what.

Yeah, get em! I wish they were more colorful tho.

I've emailed to join the Scouts. Let's see what happens...


9 years ago

Being in a rather suburban suburb, my 4H group had "segments" on Astronomy, Electronics (we soldered together an amplifier), electricity (build a lamp - this was actually a "standard" thing), and Computer Programming. After all, activities were parent-led, and we had Grumman, Hazeltine. and similar rather than actual farmers. This was close to 40 years ago...

Haha. I'm also a boyscout and I am heavy into technology, so this is perfect for me (and apparently a good percent of the Instructables community)

I aint going to lie, I was in boyscouts (made it to eagle), its hard to belive that I was a nerd based on the amount of "coolness" I bring to these boards, Im like the other side of the pillow, thats how cool I am.

33, possibly 34. Effectively none of the bio ones for me.

shameless plugmy upcoming MAKE article might or might not count, depending on how you interpret "popular science readership" :-)

Issue 17? Post a link as soon as it's ready!

Oh, like you think I wouldn't! Whatsisface and I both have articles in 17! I'm still waiting for the published version, so I can buy multiple copies for all of my (soon-to-be-not?) friends :-)

Awesome! Let's see how many I qualify for...

sweet i get the lvl 4 sets fire to stuff badge xD

I counted 34 for myself, and I'm an Art teacher. Are elementary students "very small and potentially dangerous organisms?" Then make that 35. My sash is going to look sweet!

You know they are! And your principal may count as a large and dangerous one. . .


9 years ago

As a boy scout i'm excited about the nerd badges too. Thanks!