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Merry Christmas! Answered

In a few days it's Christmas, and since Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! I also realised Christmas and creating are very much alike: they both bring joy, happiness and gifts, so that makes Christmas and Instructables an even better combination. Merry Christmas!!!


And to you as well!

We're spending the Christmas week with our parents, so we may not be online so much, so can I hijack the topic to wish thd best of the season to everybody as well?


Of course you can! Sharing IS part of Christmas, isn't it ;D

Merry Christmas.
The holiday that celebrates the birth of the Greatest Maker of all time, Jesus of the Nazareth.

Ironically celebrated with a melting pot of "pagan" traditions.

Vrolijk kerstfeest! I had to google that because the Santa at Macy'sin NYC is really fake and doesn't speak Dutch but his beard is real, I pulled on it. Merry Christmas to all and allow me to add my greetings to the ibles staff, especially Mikeasaurus,  he likes to park in Santa's spot all the time and blocks his driveway so the sleigh can't get out.