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Message to all whom use the chatroom. Answered

Hi, gmjhowe here,

As many of you may know, i am currently a Moderator inside the meebo chatroom we have on this site. Me along with two others maintain order in the chatroom.

The current Mods, are Bumpus, and Adrian Monk I chose these two as they are both chatroom regulars, they have meebo accounts, and are in different time zones to me.

Now, we have a few problems, but they are easily fixed with these few simple rules.

- People using the chatroom should always use their instructables username
- The chatroom is still part of instructables, and we go by the same rules, and be nice policy
- People will be given two formal warnings before they are banned, we will not just ban people with no warning.

In order to prevent 'imposters' were going to use a simple code system.
Basically, all the regulars and visitors to the chatroom will get issued a simple 4-digit code (which will be PMed to their account on ibles). The idea being, that when in the chatroom they can IM me the code, to prove they are who they say they are.

Think of it like Captcha.

I know this isn't ideal, but it will manage fine for now.

Thanks for reading, any questions, just ask.

- gmjhowe

To get your 4-digit code, contact me via PM or leave a comment below.


And Rocket......and Keith.....

Hey thats weird, every single time I'm on this topic the adverts are for single Iranians...

I used to see those ads in the ibles chatroom................

Will they have to send the code every time they go in the chatroom?

Wouldn't it be easier for them to supply it when challenged by a mod?

(And will you be PMing the code to all users one at a time, or do you have a Robot to help you?)

You understand that I don't need a code, don't you? If anybody turns up in the chatroom claiming to be Kiteman, and they keep up with the flow, they are definitely not me!

The idea is that they supply it only when challenged, most the time it will be fine, but if someone is acting out of character. No robot help, there is only about 15 regulars.

I haven't been as regular as I was in the past, time is always a little wonky for me.

its all fun and game till you get piles.

I try not to make a mountain out of a small pile ;-)

PS: I replied to your other question in the forum concerning "personality avatars" :-)

It's just for when we suspect impersonation. This way takes more work initially, but saves time in the long run, as users can just give us their code through private IM. We check their code against the list, and determine whether it's them. This way we don't have to pm a user every time we suspect this. We pm them once and we're done.

Jag ar igen bott ;)

I'll keep that in mind.

which is not associated with this website in any way, which means watch yourself if your in there.

It's a cheap spin off, I'll leave it open untill we start having problems...

Code requested. Thanks.

Code me scotty!

He is obviously asleep right now.. :D


9 years ago

I don't need one, I just log in. :P

Where? I seem to have lost my way.....

I just PM'd you for the code Jake.


9 years ago

Could I have mine?

gmjhowe told me to leave a comment.......