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Messed Up URL!! Can it be fixed??? Help Answered

Okay. So, I finished my first Instructable!! Then, I screwed up. I was on the last step when I published it & It put my last-step title in the URL & removed my Intro pictures!!!! If I click on the "See All" button, it shows correctly. I've tried to fix it but can't.

The name (& Intro title) of the Instructable is: Arduino Ultrasonic "Parking Spotter", which should be in the URL.
Instead, the URL is: https://www.instructables.com/id/And-One-Sketch-To-Rule-Them-All/
"And One Sketch To Rule Them All" is the name of my last step!

What can I do to get it to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Ultrasonic-Parking-Spotter/

I've tried UN-publishing it, but that didn't work. :(

Help would be appreciated!

Jeff (AptPupil)


Fixed! How does it look now?

I know it takes a while for a new instructable to show up, but how long? I've seen other new ones, but mine doesn't even show up if I search for it. The link provided works, however, even if I'm not logged in. Arduino Ultrasonic "Parking Spotter"