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Messed up my GF Macbook Air 2012 MotherBoard Answered

Hey guys! Hope someone can help me, I got carried away unsoldering a usb port on my gf´s macbook air mb. Some IC's got knocked off, i still have them but dont know which way to solder them back on. Please some kind soul that has a mb at hand. The model is "661-6625" macbook air 2012 i've found some pics on google but nowhere near as high def or macro as required to observe the necessary detail. I post two pics regarding the area where the photo is required. Help!


1. Find a nice red box with a ribbon bow on it.

2. Place a new Macbook Air in there to return to your GF.

The rule no user serviceable parts inside usually applies to Apple stuff. Even the factory robots probably had a tough time in soldering those tiny parts to the motherboard. Even with specialized soldering equipment, it will be difficult to put those parts back on, especially if it was the multipin chips and not just a few resistors or capacitors.

no worry! Used a specialized hot air solder gun and in about three hours I finally got the ICs soldered back on. It was a pain but looks like it worked. At least it turns on and everything.

That is a good sign but next time you might want to use the right tools for the job before risking a house fire ;)
Hot air guns are good for paint stripping but not for soldering ;)

Now he has ;)
If he had before he had set up wrong as there is usually not enough pressure to blow a few IC's off the circuit board.
All that counts is that it is working again.

Define "knocked off"....

I only know tow ways of removing IC's.
a) properly desoldering them.
b) remove them by brute force.
If you choose a) you should know which way and where they go, if b) you don't really have to bother fixing them.

used a heat gun to unsolder the USB port, some nearby pieces got blown away.