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Metal Gear Solid Guns Answered

I'm also looking for guns from one of the greatest games (at least to me), Metal Gear Solid. My top 5 requests are: 1. The SOCOM 2. The USP 3. The FAMAS 4. The Mauser C96 (The gun Eva uses in Snake Eater) 5. P90 (The gun Solidus Snake uses in Sons Of Liberty) Of course, all other guns from Metal Gear will also be appreciated as well, so if anybody who knows where I can find the instructable for any of these, or if anyone knows how to make it themselves (or is up to the challenge of trying to make them), please reply and tell me where to go (or what it will be called, if you need time to make it and put it up). I believe that it is possible to make at least 2 or 3 of these guns. Thanks to everyone that joins in the cause of making these guns, or at least telling me where to find the instructables for them, and happy building.


this kinda looks like the mauser its a easy adapt from the soccom below

red 9.jpg

That looks a little like the handle from the SAA, and the rest is the silenced SOCCOM. Either way, very nice. Please post.

one soccom hold the onions lol


NICE!!!!!! That is PERFECT!!!! Now, all you have to do is post an instructable plz.

ill post after i get erm say 4 more requests fair enough?

i am into building guns from video games.ill try to make 1 of em...and ya does it have to shoot?i am running low on rubber bands at the moment.so ya ill try.

i think a jak 3 morpher gun would be wicked. All you would need is a pistol base and have like 20 mods that turns it into a shotgun, rifle, sniper...etc

I never played any of the Jak games, but a gun that did that would be sweet. Wonder how many Knex it would take to make it.

a few thousand, but well worth it. I also recommend all of the jak games.All 4

Cool. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm a BIG video gamer.

its good to know someone actually reads my post

What, doesn't everyone know you? Are you THE KillerK? The one that made the magnum?

am i, am i really. Only if the killerk original comes back will you know. mwahahahahaha

Sooooooo, your not the REAL KillerK, huh?

am i, or am i only a figment of your imagination. lol

Ok, well, Mr. Whoever You Are, do you know of any instructables on how to make guns from Metal Gear Solid or not? (Please note that I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just started this forum of mine to find guns from Metal Gear Solid made with Knex.)

un fortunatly no, but i do have an idea for a jak 3 morpher gun.

Cool. You should post pics of it. By the way, what about instructables for Halo weapons?

personally halo isnt my style, but im still working on the actual jak gun.im still on the idea stage.i might even play the game again to see how all the upgrades should function

thanks for the positive reinforcement

Are you being sarcastic? By saying "That's cool" I meant it as in like , "Ok, play it again to get everything you need to make the gun." I meant no harm in the comment. If I offended you in any way, then I am truly sorry.

i wasnt being sarcastic, its just i needed some motivation to finish the weapon and now i got it.

its good that we got that cleared up

also how do you put a pic next to your name