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Metal Triangle project ideas Answered

I happen to have 106 aluminium right-angle triangles.

They measure:

Any great ideas?


Hmm, how about a mosiac-tanagram. Cover the whole surface with them (mosaic), but anodise certain ones to make an image?

Mosaic a coffee table top?

I like the idea of Mosaicing, but I only have enough for an A4 page. However, anodising them will make it pretty cool! I'll probably play with this.

As for a poly-mesh (Yup, I know what you mean), I think it would be better done in wire covered in paper, and then illuminated from inside...

If you go the mosaic route, you anodize them different colors.

I also pictured a clay sculpture covered with them edge to edge ( no clay visible) so it looks like a polygon mesh. ( looks like a wire frame 3d model). If you have no clue what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll post a pic.

Or grout them with something dark, then go over the surface with wire wool or coarse sandpaper to give that industrial sheen.