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Micro High Voltage Answered

I'm going to attempt to make a super micro tesla coil that is 100% contained (unless it runs off of like 12 volts dc, then I'll use a wallwart). Of course, one of the i biggest problem is the power supply. So this is what I'm asking, what's the best way of ramping up the voltage? A tiny toroid transformer? An inductor that gets pulsed? Voltage Multiplier? Something with static electricity? Some type of Inverter? Using Greinacher Cascades? A marx generator hybrid? Other stuff I havn't heard of?


bumping this backup because I got interested again do you think a Royer oscillator is a good way to go?

here's a little thing that I finished today sorry if some of the pictures are blurry I just found out that my webcam has a focus!

Picture 69.jpgPicture 70.jpgPicture 71.jpgPicture 72.jpgPicture 73.jpg

If you note in the comments I asked for the current output, so that is an option, but I don't think it can deliver enough current

Ahh, I see want you want to do...
Like I said, If you give it more battery voltage input, it will give more voltage and more current output...
So you could give it 9v power input and it might give a few Kv's output, but remove the diode and the capacitor as they might burn out from high voltage...

you need at least 3kv for most tesla coils i beileve. 6 is good, 12 is exellent and so on.

how about a mini flourescent light inverter!

operates at 5KV They say output it 5mA, but I calculated a lot less

output is 5kv? i thought only 800v. id check it first. then it would be okay. youd need about 15ma though.

Ok, it's settled, my mini HV power supply (for now) is going to be a CCFL driver this thing might even be powered through usb ;)

Does anybody know what the formula is for the primary tank circuit, I mean I know what the resonant formula is, though. I just don't get how a tank circuit in a tesla coil can work at a frequency that's being fed into it (in most cases 50/60 hertz). In my case the input frequency is 30kHz, and I've calculated that the resonant frequency of my secondary coil is ~1268.66 kHz, or ~1.25MHz

well, I found a formula, but according to the formula the capacitor should be... well... 25 pF This is absurdley small, but it might be right since the ccfl can't give much electrcity, can anyone here backup my calculations?

further more I've calculated the resonant frequency of my primary circuit would be... ummm... ~77.8 MHZ I need to redesign something... FAST!

OK, I know I'm posting on this topic, but I'm just updating I think my new powersupply will be the guts of a tiny ccfl. It's basically a mini NST. the one I'll be using is 11 watts.

ehhhh.... I don't know, it looks like that won't give me enough for a Spark Gap Help me!!!!!

okay, quit babling and listen. 1) if you give me the volts and amps input and output, i can do all the fancy math for you. 2) relax. my tesla coil will be better anyways.

1) well, if I were to use the one from electronic goldmine it would have an output of 1050 volts at 5mA, maybe a little less mA What would be the optimum capacitor for that? 2) mehmehemehemeh

(To Tech-king) Do you have a gmail account are something so we can use gmail chat? I'd llike to order these parts as soon as possible cause I'm going on vacation tomorow, and I want to order the parts as close to now as possible so that they'll arive when I come back.

I was in the middle of attempting the same thing. I think I was playing with camera flashes and modem capacitors. I stopped when I got a scooter to restore. It's a vintage montgomery wards riverside.


You know, giant tesla coils are cool in all, but I like mini ones better because they are more practical, I see those mini tesla coils with a giant NST kinda, well like fake. I've only seen one micro tesla coil that has impressed me, and it's this one:

I think I just got a new favorite ;) Mines going to look like that, just with a thinner base (well at least I'll try) That's an inspiration, that with only 2.4 watts you can get those arcs

I just calculated it, I need to go get 38 gauge or higher wire that's going to be a pain to wind... sigh

I did some researchand with a 555 circuit, and an ignition coil, you can make a DC battery powered tesla coil.

Actually, the pulsing is why they generally need AC. That's why pulsing DC works.

good point. i forgot about pulsed dc. and if you used 1nf caps, the dc would pulse wildly.

actually, my current "normal size (still desktop, only about 5-6 inches tall) is driven be a 555 timer and ignition coil. This is my second driver cause my first one didn't have enough protection and blew up when resonant frequency was obtained Tesla coils also work on pulsed DC

well lets see cwvm-no good. you need ac. cwvm output is dc marx- no good. too big, with spark gaps tiny transformer- youd need some mosfets to up the frequency first puled inductor- high current, not so high voltage AIT- large, dangerous id have to say, a cwvm would be good, but large-ish. you need 220 volt capacitors and diodes. if you built an AIT based system, it would have to be inline, not on the actual unit.

well, with a marx I could make it pretty compact, do you think it's a valid solution?