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Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster Answered

This is Killer Kobra, my first tube-supported coaster, and I want you (the people of instructables) to help me with the layout. So far I have made the lift and a drop. Now I need you to choose what I should do next out of the options below:

option 1:Loop
option 2:Zero-G roll

The last two pictures show a loop and a Zero-G roll. After the first 7 comments are posted the element with the most votes will be added to the roller coaster. Check back for Updates on what I should do next.


I have been looking this over and it does not seem to be made from micro knex or at least it seems to be a mixture of classic and micro , is that right?


Yay! If it has enough speed after that you should build a cobra roll.

That was my original plan but they use a lot of pipes so I made a cutback


8 years ago

looks good so far!

Thanks, BTW what do you vote for.

np, i vote for the zero g roll


8 years ago

Zero-G roll

That's 3 for Zero-G roll
One more vote and Zero-G roll will win

Looking great! You're really good at micro coasters. :-)

And I'll vote for the Zero-G roll.

Would it be possible to do both?
If not, the Zero-G roll looks cooler.

I may be able to depending on speed.
That's one vote for Zero-G roll.