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Micro Mosquito Mods ?? Answered

ok so i have a micro mosquito and I finally got the repair kit for it (I crashed and burned hard.... broke a rotor) I love the little thing.....very fun to kill 15 minutes with... I've done some looking and I've come up with a few ideas on how to increase power in the tail rotor and make it a little bigger....to hopefully make forward and reverse flight a little faster.... if I am succesful is there an interest in this? would it be wanted as an instructable? also... I realize its not a load bearing helicopter..... but any ideas on ultra light cameras I could try out?


I broke a rotor and lost a u-joint rod. Kinda-sorta fixed with Scotch tape and big cut-off safety pin. An Instructable would be uplifting. How about cellphone or laptop cam, retrofitted with pinhole lens. Prolly still way too heavy... Sigh...

the very tiniest of cameras are still not super light: mostly because of lens weight. Maybe a pinhole would work ?

Definitely do the 'ible, not a clue on the camera, sorry.