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Micro Transceivers Answered

Some years ago my university employees had trashed away some brand new stuff, included these micro ethernet tranceivers.
I'm unacquainted regarding this equipment... does someone have some information about those specific models, and especially some idea about how to utilize them in a diy project? How they works? Thanks!



5 years ago

That looks distressingly like coax network hardware. Any time you see coax network hardware, run away. Any networking infrastructure where you can't bend the cables too sharply or the 1s and 0s get clogged up deserves to be consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

However, some brave/masochistic soul out there might be missing one of these from their computing museum- I suggest you ebay them (for a non-trivial amount of money) and count it as a lucky escape :)

10base-T isn't supposed to be bent either.

You have all the data there in the leaflet. I don't think they are re-purposable in their original roles.