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Micro k'nex gun Answered

So I get the general feeling that micro knex are the bane of a knexer's existence. But I was thinking the other day, why couldn't a gun be built with micro knex? As far as I can tell (I don't actually own any) they are the same as regular knex, only smaller. If one amassed enough micro knex, couldn't one theoretically build a fully functioning knex gun in the miniature? I just thought that would be kind of cool to have. Thoughts?


Miniature K'nex? You're a genius, whoever posted this page! You should tell The company 'K'nex' about this!

#2 Son got a K'NEX helicopter free with a comic - the rotor is made of micro K'NEX, and the cockpit is made of K'NEX Lego-compatible bricks. The micro-K'NEX is cute, the bricks are odd - very rounded corners, like they're afraid of being sued by parents that stand on them.

As K'NEXers, we feel strongly against the bricks and micros. Now, as far as I can tell, you can't even get proper K'NEX sets anymore!

Dude calm down. I make Knex stuff, and I ONLY have micro Knex. So stop frieken out.

Only 3 years late :P

Poor argument as well, however it was unnecessary.

(Did you see the age of the comment you replied to?)

THANK...GOD SOMEONE POSTED THIS!!! I got a roller coaster set for christams, but i had never seen/heard of micro Knex. I dont have any others, so... and i wanted them to make guns in the first place. Please let me know of any micro Knex guns.

Micro knex isnt on the same scale as regular knex.

i made a J5 barracade shotgun and it was easy, now i just need to get the cam working...

so? what difference does it make? some guns are hard to make anyways...

The amount of connectors that can be connected to each rod is slightly more. For example, the smallest one has two available slots instead of none.

Micro Knexsayer?


9 years ago

Wow those pieces look funny xd
Its just that one can't find enough micro pieces in one tub I guess.

I do think someone made a micro blocktrigger =d

you will get plenty if you get sets like the ball machine or the new thrill rides

Yeah, but the only thing they sell here are the 425 piece value tub, they stopped selling everything else around here =/

Nope, Europe here, Ebay doesn't have a lot of knex, just over 100 adds.
And knex.com doesn't ship to Europe..nah..I'll wait for people to start selling them on Ebay.nl/Ebay.co.uk =d