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Micro recoil absorber Answered

This is mostly for oodalumps, who wanted to use my fix for the old problem of exploding firing pins. This is so compact, the connectors shouldn't break. Maybe you'll get some ideas off this?



11 years ago

i get the same problem as oodalumps but ill just super glue it by the way i saw you video for that fully auto gun u have the one thats with a set of moving wheels well could you make a gun that uses the same design without the wheels because ive been trying to make a fully auto for ages now and i couldent get it to work thanks oh and plz reply u have a tendancy to no do

hey ppl i just found something out never use super glue on knex it melts plastic!!!

will u reply plz or r u not on principle because i mentioned that you often dont

Sorry, guess I got lazy. You're not the first person to ask about that. Unfortunately, it never got any attention when I first uploaded its movies. Seems nobody cared until after K'nexecutioner (Which used the scrap parts from the previous model) Look on Faust's orangeboard.

K'nexecutioner instructable is close to completion. Sorry I have taken so long... Once it's done, I'll refine and instructable my next machine gun which I promise is better.

Holy cow! Completely disregard what I said above. I tried using this, and the power of the firing pin split the dark grey connector right in half! It seems that my original assumption, that springs are the best way to absorb extra force, was correct.