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Microsoft Office for Linux Answered

I heard last week that Microsoft will be porting their popular Office suite to Linux this year. As an avid Linux user, and a firm believer in the free software movement, I must say that this has a certain odor to it. Do we honestly think that a company that has used phrases like "a cancer that infects everything it touches," to describe Linux will just start waving the olive branch and cater to the "cancer" as a valued customer? This peace offering calls to mind a certain wooden horse I think we all know.
"either the Greeks are hiding, shut inside those beams, or the horse is a battle-engine, geared to breach our walls, spy on our homes, come down on our city, overwhelm us- or some other deception's lurking deep inside it. Trojans, never trust that horse. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, especially bearing gifts."

One thing is for sure, considering how Microsoft constantly violates the privacy of their customers, rest assured that this horse WILL spy on our homes.


With either Wine or CrossoverOffice installed, you should be able to use MSOffice depending on the version. Personally openoffice or libreoffice meets my needs.


4 years ago

I don't see the point, not for Linux users. There are open-source -- and more importantly, open-DOC -- options that can read most M$ document formats, and export something that is at least as compatible as different M$ versions are with each other.

The big stickler is not the sticker price of Works, or even the software itself. It is the sealed document model that forces you into constantly paying more money for each new version, with the concurrent risk of breaking compatibility with your existing documents.

Which is what, of course, they want to be selling. Next in line will be Sony trying to sell a media player that requires root access in order to properly protect the content stream from any attempts by mere users to do other than watch it open-mouthed.

Tirade aside... If MS does offer Office on Linux it won't be free. You'll have to spend just as much for the Linux version as you would for any other version. Just because the OS is part of the free software movement doesn't mean any and all programs for Linux have to be free.

The Free Software Foundation is not conscerned with free in terms of price, but in terms of freedom. MS Office for Linux will be free in neither sense.