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Microsoft or Mac? Answered

Are you a Microsoft or a mac? Post your preferences, and vote! Closing date: 30th December 2008!



Can your Microsoft desktop do this ? Keep in mind my dual core (2.0ghz) processor is being under-clocked to 1ghz. In the first shot on the right side are screenlets (no not conky) which are simmilar to gadgets or widgets in other operating systems. On the left side of the second shot is a visualization on the highest resolution setting. The background of the second shot is a large photo (8.9mb) which moves around smoothly.


What program are you using ? XP or Vista ? And Im glad to see you use linux.

It was a free program called Yodm 3d. It was renamed Deskspace, and you have to pay for it now, but it is still easy to download Yodm for free (just google it). I think it works on vista or xp, but I use XP. The blackish theme is Royale Noir. It is a never released theme by Microsoft that is now very easy to find.

Maybe not on XP but I tried Yodm 3d on Vista about three months ago and was HORRIFIED ! It took almost 8 seconds after I pressed the button combination for anything to actualy happen. And that was at minimum load, my laptop is rather new (2.0ghz dual core 3gb ram). However it is probably just vista.

The new version looks like it works on Vista, some of the screenshots of the website show vista. You do have to buy it (or bittorrent it), but there is a free trial if you are interested. I wouldn't buy it. It is just one of those programs that you use for a minute and then uninstall when you find out how useless it is.

So its NOTHING like compiz, because I have been using compiz for months now.

CPU doesn't matter: my intel 915 chipset graphix can do that!

Yeah, I have a low end AMD(I think I bought it in 2001) box that Linux runs nicely.

I'd like a Mac, but that would be expensive. L

I'm a Mac, Apple FTW

Windows: Cheaper, easier to use, and more programs.

, yeah, but macs are better, stronger, better, faster, better, ipod friendly, better, Photobooth and way BETTER!

yeah but Pcs are better, stronger, better, faster, better, ipod friendly, better, more customizable, way BETTER! OH OH and pcs work, they can print stuff, and i heard they are making some that can work as a type writer you know everyone one can use opinionated words but that's not going to make their argument better But i don't think we're breaking any ground

type writer? photobooth rules! buy a mac, get a CANON brand printer for 50 $, or a free ipod touch, dont get viruses, and have funny comercials!

was your PC abusive when you were young or something maybe you should see a shrink

P C sucks!!!!! ok? It stands for Pile o cra*

well i have to adit, mac is pretty talented It sucks and blows at the same time! ok no that was corny

Wow, your forgot one: More incompatible.

Not too bad, if you can overcome the glitches, the memory-hogginess, and the pure stupidity (Administrative privileges? C'mon!). XPFTW!!!11


9 years ago

First of all, it's Windows, not Microsoft or PC. Macs and Linux both run on Personal Computers. Mac, Linux and PC all have their own advantages and disadvantages. On Macs, to preserve the image of perfection, that you never get crashes (even though you still do, it's computer, people), they keep it a closed platform. You can't play games on them, because the OS isn't built for it and you can't use many different parts. You have less problems, but what you can do with them is limited. Apple also charges more money for less powerful hardware, I'm not hating here, but I'm just saying, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars more for a proprietary Mac rig than an equally powerful standard hardware PC. Windows (I use XP), is on the other end of the spectrum, and to a further extent, Linux. You can do so much with Windows, be it games, hardware or software customization. You do pay for it with stability issues, but it's the chance you take when you want to do more. In the end, it's a trade-off, and a choice you have to make. Hypothetically, I might buy a Mac for my grandma, because of the fact that she's probably not going to be doing much with it. I don't have to worry about her wanting to switch in a better videocard, and she doesn't have as much to worry about when it comes to stability. I, on the other hand, use Windows. I can deal with hardware and software issues on my own, and want to be able to do more with my computer. To each his own.

  • You can't play games on [macs]
Excuse me? I seem to be able to play any number of games on my Mac, including many of the "top" state-of-the-art games. There are fewer games for the Mac, but the reasons have more to do with marketing than technology or the OS (many game developers don't have the resources to develop games for more than one OS. Just keeping up with the many versions of windows keeps them fully occupied.)

Likewise the price issue. For any particular version of Mac, I can find an approximately equal "brand name" PC that costs just as much. True, that's not the kind of PC that I'd normally buy. (or for that matter, I couldn't find an 8-core, 10G ram, 1TB disk, non-mac box for a price much different than my recent Mac purchase, either.)

I could give you a list of modern games playable on Windows and the availability of those games on Mac, but I won't. The truth is, that far less hardware is compatible with the Macintosh OS (maybe the Mac hardware too, but I'm not sure). Even if the games are on Mac, too, you're not going to be able to have the same experience as on a standard PC. The games themselves are usually also simply not as optimized for Mac as much as they are for Windows. Ok, now your second paragraph really doesn't make any sense. Why would you even buy a PC that costs that much? Surely someone with as "tech-savvy" as you would know to shop around and actually compare hardware specs?

Perhaps; but this "clarification" is a long way from your original statement "You can't play games on them."

Sorry, I have dial-up. What's that video about? If it's one of Apple's Mac vs. PC ads, those things are a load of crap.


UK Mac Advert Edit...Ok I get it xD Or maybe I don't, but I'm getting the idea that this person edited the ad to make the "PC" look better, instead of the Mac.

A magazine I read, Maximum PC, held a contest for this type of thing, except for the US versions. Justin Long is a hipster dumbass, who can't act. He was extremely annoying in Live Free or Die Hard, and he does not make me want to buy a Mac.


Lol these little things that start things as big as political parties. They pretty much are the political parties of the internet. Meh I'm a Micry only because that's what we've been using forever. And it can still use itunes so ha!

micry. cos that is in fact a proper english word.

Is it? I was too lazy to type the whole word plus fan so yeah...what does it mean? Or was that just sarcasm undectable because of the internet?

Type /sarcasm to note when you are done using sarcasm. /NOTSARCASM

windows vista

Mac, it doesnt get that crappy die down that windows gets, its more media friendly, theres a reason most of the special effects and editing people use them. if you wanna do spreadsheets then PC is for you, if you want to do media stuff macs the way to go

Way to go for spreading stereotypes, ledzeppie. Real nice.

Microsoft. It crashes, but at least I can DO stuff on it without apple trying to stop me (example, deleting anything.)