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Microwave generator...... any datasheet for DAIHEN Answered

Hi.I have a microwave generator from DAIHEN. It is a 3kW magnetron that makes 2450MHz wave.The model is ATP-30B(high voltage unit) and SMA-30DI(magnetron unit).This devices made in Japan and I need DATASHEET.If there is any clue that can help me plz inform me.


I dunno. I found an, "about us", page for Daihen, here:


But I did not find much, just by asking search engines to search those domains, "daihen-ac.com" and "daihen.co.jp", looking for "ATP-30B" and "SMA-30D1"

Maybe you could write to one of those email addresses listed on their "about us" page, and ask if anybody has seen the manuals for your devices.

Most of the other places that mention "ATP-30B" and "SMA-30DI", at all, seem to be used junk sellers, like,


Also eBay.


Sellers on eBay seem to be asking for big dollar amounts, like thousands of dollars, for used "ATP-30B" and used "SMA-30D1". Although I have to admit, just from looking at the pictures, these devices look to be somewhat more complicated than what I've seen inside the microwave oven my kitchen.



Thank for your comment....I sent email and didn't get any respond also seller didn't have any user manual for this model.This is an industrial device so more different than kitchen microwave.All of I want is a manual to read data and control from DB25 user interface.

If no one wrote back, and it was on a Sunday, it might be because everyone in the Western hemisphere takes the day off on Sunday.

Or maybe these people at Daihen all have amnesia, and they cannot remember the devices they built in the past.

I also found a contact page for a company that, I think, repairs and resells tthis kind of equipment, here:



By the way, I do not have any specific information about these machines, just what I can glean from searching the internet.

Thank you jack for your consistency.I wrote email to PTBsales and Daihen in US an Japan about a month ago and didn't receive any answer. Beside amnesia I think I am the only one who has this deivce all around the world :))

I really appreciate your follow up.

Network monitoring with a microwave, sure....