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Microwave kiln? Answered

Can somebody make an instructable for microvave kiln for fusing glass?


Glass WILL melt in a microwave - but it only become conductive enough to heat if you can get it to 400C+ to begin with.

Well blow me down!


Glass is KEPT liquid in processing by passing current through it, but the charge carriers only become mobile when its very hot. Paradoxical behaviour until you think about it.

Mmm You learn something new... there is an instructable for it as well.

I can't see this working - Microwaves work to cook food by exciting the water molicules in the food. Therfore things don't get above 100 deg C and need to have water in them to get hot.

This is why, in general your glass dishes don't get very hot in th microwave.

Only usable thing in a microwave might be the transformer. Even then you'll probably have to pull it apart and make a new secondary coil for it. Plenty of instructables that will show you how to play around with the transfomrer from a microwave.