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Microwave potato baker Answered

 to make the microwave potato baker, it is said that the inside fabric is a secret material.
It looks like quilt batting , is it isafe to use batting inside the cotton print fabric?


The secret material is cotton. Use cotton batting because the poly-whatever batting may melt because of the heat.


8 years ago

If you mean baking potato's in their skins,-just put them on the glass turntable (around the edge, not in the centre). Turn them halfway-(with a glove-they're HOT!!).

Then if you want a nice baked skin, give them a zap in a hot oven (put them directly onto the shelves), for about 10/15 minutes.

You get the same result as doing them directly in an oven for an hour or more.

That's my own approach. In fact, my oven has a button that automatically sets it for potatoes. Just punch it once for each potato, close door, wait for it to tell me to turn them over, and wait for the second bell. Done.

Note that if you're making more than about three potatoes at once (especially large ones), a traditional oven may be faster. As you put more stuff in a microwave oven, it cooks more slowly; a traditional oven almost doesn't care how much you stuff in it.

Which "Microwave potato baker"?