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Microwave transformer electromagnet? Answered

Hi so I was bored and decided to make an electromagnet out of a microwave transformer by taking the secondary off and keeping the primary. I hooked it up to some 9v batteries and stuff but it wasn't that strong so I researched it a bit and found out you can hook it up to the transformer input voltage (which was 240v AC) so I did but when I turned it on it made this very loud buzzing noise and I thought I saw what looked like flame in the socket. I turned it off imediately and unplugged everything. Whatever the magnet did must of been strong because it broke itself apart slightly. I tested the sockets with a multimeter and they still say 240v but I just want to make sure I didn't do anything bad to it. Also did anything actually go wrong or was this all meant to happen?


A.) Electromagnets work on DC.

B.) When they work on DC they will pull current = Volts/resistance.

C.) On AC, they will pull nearly the same sort of current as B.) when you have destroyed the rest of the magnetic circuit.

You are very lucky to have not started a fire.

So is everything still meant to work? For example I can still hook it up to 9v batteries and stuff and it does the exact same thing that it did before I plugged it into AC. Will the plug be okay?

You'll kill 9V batteries in very short order.

Yes, it will be OK, provided you didn't get any smoke out of the coil.

I am not sure about the socket and plug. Flame makes me worry about carbon damage, which is a problem.

Thanks I might do a bit of testing for the socket just to be sure also there wasn't any smoke so I'm pretty sure the coils fine. And yeah I did realise it was taking a lot of power from the 9v and was making sure I didn't use them too much or they get too hot but I'll be more careful now. Thanks