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Microwaving Dough Answered

If I was to make a batch of cookie or biscuit dough, could I cook the dough in the microwave, as opposed to the standard oven? Would the dough cook normally? Thanks!


it would be difficult to "next to impossible". The biggest reason it how the wheat glutton reacts to microwaves.

Link to some specs.

Did you ever warm a roll in the microwave ? I comes out resembling a rubber ball in texture. And Keanna is also correct.

Although it doesn't do a good job "putting the tan" on the dough (unless your microwave has a browner in it), here is a pizza dough recipe.....

I just thought of something else however:

BUT, if you get those Hot Pockets meals, or any pizza that has a microwave browning in it, you could experiment with that to see if you can get something to work.

also there are retail browning trays, but you will only get "bottom" browning, and would need to flip the gooey mess over to brown the top.

Thats exactly the thing I was trying to describe :D Goodhart, are you ever going to join us on IRC?

Yes, I am trying. I have to have the time to sign off, log on as Admin, install IRC (mIRC, right ?) sign out again, and get back in as ME. Mon-Wed I will be busy all day at Jury duty. Does the spinning ever stop ? LOL

Ok, I am getting "not connected" and "fire blocked" messages, but I can not find where in the programs section of my firewall what it being blocked. m|RC was giving my machine fits, so I had to uninstall it. Is this part of my problem ?

Probably not. Check for Java's firewall options ;-)

I seem to be having one of those days (just got back a bit ago from Jury duty, day one) and now your link gives me this:

ERROR 404: no topic: TA80MVJF9N2A12W/www.pidgin.im

ERROR 404: no topic: TA80MVJF9N2A12W/www.pidgin.im

Ok, my downloader is giving me fits now....I will try later, thanks.

I use this, it comes as a plugin for firefox and is accessed via the tools menu. It works very well and is free (unlike mIRC)


I have it, and started it......now what ? I see nowhere to get it to connect....

Yeah - speaking as a wheat glutton myself, I don't tend to react to microwaves very well.

(I think you meant wheat gluten. ;-) )

drat, caught by the infamous spell checker......yes I meant gluten. Thanks.

No, you could cook it, but theres no radient/convection heat, so they wouldn't brown. However, if you got one of those shiny trays they have for frozen foods, you might be able to cook them...

From my limited understanding, I would say no. Ovens "BAKE" from the bottom, instead of all around. Also, you have better control of the temperature versus "LO MED HI" of the microwave. I know there are Microwave Cook Books, you may want to look around and see if there are any recipes in those.