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Midi coding, hack apc40 Answered

looking to get my apc40 midi controller to work properly in freestyler dmx lighting software. OK here is my issue the apc has lights that illuminate when you push a button or twist a knob etc, in freestyler the midi signal does not come back and keep the button lit as long as whatever you have it assigned to is on, and off respectively. I know there are 3rd party programs out there like midi ox, and bomes midi translator that will allow you to change the incoming and outgoing midi messages. But frankly I have no idea what they mean or do. I guess I want the apc to work like it does in abelton, in freestyler.    I'm adding a link to the freestyler forum this has been started ideas of how the program sends and receives midi     http://freestylersupport.com/fsforum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2958&p=11976&hilit=AKAI#p11968   also I have attached a pdf of how the apc sends and receives signal. thanks 



5 years ago

I'm not familiar with the details of the apc40 or with Freestyler, but if I understand correctly Freestyler will turn MIDI messages into DMX messages and (hopefully) send back MIDI messages to the controller.

A program like Bome takes some input (looks like it handles MIDI, mouse, computer keyboard) and converts it a MIDI output of your choice.

For example, suppose you had a small MIDI controller that only had a one-octave range, but you wanted to send notes in a higher octave. Bome could (I believe) convert an incoming MIDI message to another MIDI message, replacing the incoming note value with a value one octave higher.

Ideally this should work both ways; Bome would listen for MIDI messages coming back and then either pass then back to your controller as-is, or so some sort of conversion.

contoller <-> Bome <-> MIDI device or program (Ableton; Freestyler; whatever)

I'm pretty sure this is the case. I found this posted on the Bome forum:


I think the trick here is to note what MIDI messages are sent from the APC40, what Freestyler messages they should map to, what MIDI messages come back from Frestyler, and how to map those to MIDI messages to send back to the APC40.


5 years ago

Try asking this Q on the Freestyler forum website.

Freestyler is, ummm, free, so good luck. Your device isn't listed in the "supported interface" section. Free software adds support on it's own schedule.


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I have been searching high and low for answers to no avail that's why I have come here and elsewhere for outside advice