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Milestone Pending! Answered

I can't believe it, but I have published 199 Instructables - if my fingers and toes don't lie, that's an average of one project every two weeks!

That means that my next instructable will be number TWO HUNDRED.


That's quite a milestone, but I wouldn't have got there without you, the readers, so I want to open this up to you as well - what do you think I should make next?

You don't have to give me a detailed idea, just a theme or topic - some of my favourite projects have come from throwaway comments made by people who didn't know I was listening.

Post your ideas in the comments, and if you like other folks' ideas, don't forget to +1 them.

There isn't a massive rush here - I'm not going to get much time to do significant Making until the middle of January, but I will be able to do planning and idea-scribbles before then (commenters should watch their inboxes as well, in case I need to discuss details without giving too many public hints about what I'm up to).

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you have been busy. next project.... I've always wanted a time machine >_<

That could be a great idea, using that method you could shorten 5,184,000 seconds into just a day!

I know there's a joke in here somewhere..... I have a device that allows me to see into the past... old home movies


3 years ago

An Instructable on how to make 200 'ibles!

Step 1, open an account.

Step 2, write an instructable.

Step 3, repeat step 2 199 times...

Haha, that would make for one short 'ible...

Full Kite man (never to be confused with Kiteman) costume with working kite glider?


Colored pop corm and glow in the dark fairy floss?

Hmmm... I haven't done any recipes since my first instructable...