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Milkshake Bars Answered

My dad keeps telling me about these candy bars that used to be made called Milkshake Bars.


I've never had them before, but they are apparently not made anymore.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone would know how to make one. If so, could you list it as an instructable so that I might make one for my Dad. I think he'd really love to have one.



From your link, it looks like you can dissect a Snickers bar and extract the nuts or add a caramel layer to a Three Musketeers bar, both of which are available in many sizes and 5lb bags to experiment with. Make your own wrapper by printing out the label image on thin paper and wrap the new candy bar. Good luck.

Well, this is why I was hoping for someone with some experience tasting the original bar. You can't just throw something like this together and hope for the best. It helps to know the right taste to get the proper mixture.

You could email the curator of the candywrappermuseum and ask if there are any recipies since I think you want to make one from scratch. If not, just experiment and ask your Dad what was different than he remember it as when he samples the goods.

Hmm... That's a thought... Though I would much rather prefer someone else with the taste in memory figure out how, since I'd rather surprise my dad with the bar.

An obvious step. That's how I found the wrapper, and several other sites that have people talking about the bar.