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Millenium Falcon Bed Answered

This Star Wars fan took his desire to sleep on the Millenium Falcon to a new extreme. OK, the first extreme and also the first time I've heard of anyone with this desire. So here's the bed for that.

Now all he needs is a space worm body pillow to go on top.



Does the Woman appear after I build it? Build it and Laya will come!

"If you build it, she will come"

If you like Futurama better then Star Wars, it would be Layla    LOL 

(Breaks out into Eric Clapton song.)

My friends already think I'm a nerd...one more thing wouldn't hurt. :)

That is very cool, but it must be a major pain to clean the bed-linen!

Very cool, but this is not an instructable. Please post this elswhere like an image hosting site.

A wookiee at the head would make a nice addition....
Very nice :-)