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Million Dollar Idea - Believe it or not. its happening. Answered

This is the first time I have ever posted anything about my idea. If this idea is created as I envision it, I wont have to work another job in my entire life. Currently, I am an IT Technician at Texas A&M. After much consideration, I am quitting my job and devoting everything I have to getting this created. Currency is not an issue, finding the right people to assist me is. I am unable to create this myself as it is very complex, in my eyes anyways. I would be willing to invest large sums of $ to get this underway..

Anyways, I am scared to disclose the details of my idea without having whomever I tell sign an NDA. So, the reason for this post is, I dont know what to do to get this developed!! Hoping someone can give me general advice to get this going. I understand everyone thinks they have a million dollar idea, lucky for me, mine actually is. Seriously... 

Any input is appreciated and will be remembered..


Have a read of this book,
It covers how to fund your project, staffing, copyright, marketing,etc, in the 21st century.
It will turn everything you thought you knew about getting an idea to market on its head.

As Caitlinsdad says, co not quit your day job until your grand idea gets off the ground.

I understand your reluctance to disclose details of your idea, but you are at least going to have to give us a rough idea of the scheme so that we can give advice (PC software an app, computer hardware, a clever device to stop you losing your pocket change...).

On the subject of protecting your idea, you will find that very few *ideas* get stolen - theft of intellectual property tends to happen after all the hard work has been done. Speaking about an idea in general terms is usually safe.

Otherwise, you need to speak to a specialist in intellectual property and/or copyright and/or patent law to find out how to protect your idea the best.

1. Don't quit your day job.