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Mimiga Doll? Answered

Hey, I am addicted to the game Cave Story and I would really like a stuffed version of one of the characters. I suck at sewing, and any help on how I should do this would be awesome. Thanks!


You're going to need to learn some sewing. Since commerical images are copyrighted, paying someone else to make this for you (unless that person has a licence from the copyright holder) would violate copyright laws. If you make it yourself, for personal use, that's different.

There are numerous Instructables on how to make plush dolls, and numerous Instructables which can guide you through basic sewing of dolls.

The simplest approach for something like this would be to take the picture you have, enlarge it to the size you want, and use it to lay out a cutting pattern. If you want to try to make something that looks like a truly 3-D version of the character, that's more complex and would be great to have as a goal, after you've mastered the basics.

Thanks! I will try this! Thanks for the help