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Mind checking out my kantele instructable? Answered

I need comments and (constructive)criticism on my kantele instructable, almost 200 views but only one comment, blah...
Especially I want to see what kinds of kanteles will be built by you, crazy crafty folks!
Hopefully even someone takes notice, gets intrigued and starts building this ancient lore instrument .

Link below:


The projects is not completed so you probably just published what you could to enter in a contest for the deadline. Go back and edit.

There is no image of a completed instrument. It looks like you are just roughing out a wooden clog/shoe. I have no idea of what a kantele is in relation to your first image.

You don't have to go into detail describing your instrument but just putting in a wiki link does not give the impression that you want to share what you know.
Taking a jump on a link does distract me from reading the rest of the instructable. It is also a lot of effort for people to click on links too.

Maybe an image of you holding the instrument or describing at least how it is played - plucked, strummed, hammered, or picked and fingering would be helpful. Do you play the instrument and have another to photograph?

Change the title to something like - Homemade Traditional Finnish Kantele Stringed Instrument

Drawings are nice but pictures of the actual parts are better.

Any traditional tools that you use? Glue up techniques?

Is there a soundhole in this instrument?

Btw, interesting choice of your username unless it has some meaning in Finnish, it does not translate well into English and takes on some other significance.

Good luck.

Based on that I'ma guess no to that last bit... Unless there was a soundhole reference.

Lol no it doesn't mean something innocuous in finnish...according to Google Translate. Just a rude English name.

All right! This is exactly what I needed! Solid points from a true master. Thank you :)

Some thought-on-thought:

I don't understand your "contest" point, I have no need to be "number one" in anything or to win odd trinkets I have no use for. I made a profile on this site for giving some guideline on making stuff, not showing off. Please don't make such assumptions.

The general info on the instrument is lacky and I'm aware of it. I had some thoughts on how to make it better, but everything I tried to put in words came out a tad pompous. Some day though...

"Taking a jump on a link" Distracts you? Clicking is an effort? I was completely unaware that anyone would think like that(anyone using the Internet, at least).

I laughed when I read the "wooden shoe" pointer. You're absolutely right in that matter, the only pic I found sucks big time. I will update all the pictures next summer, when I have more time and a workplace that's not constantly -30 degrees Celsius.

Pics of holding the instrument... Hmm. haven't actually even thought of that! Simple beginner's mistake, will be corrected.

The drawings are informative and clear, that's all people should need. The stripped style leaves more room for imagination. And I don't have any pics apart the one in the intro part.

about the tools and techniques, I quote myself:
"The instructable is not a complete how-to, it shows basic guidelines on making the instrument and leaves room for creativity. Common sense is needed when reading."
I know common sense is more like a superpower these days, but still... Of course I would have mentioned if there was some mythical talking dwarven mithril hammer you absolutely need to use.

And the username comes from Turbonegro's(a Norwegian rock band) stage antics, and "some other signifigance" is exactly what it is :) Boom boom!
I'm not sure why I had such an urge to explain myself, stone-age defense algorithms, I guess. Your typical baltic savage. And it's a forum topic, so what the hey. Conversation is good.

Ah, much better intro.

Maybe you could link a video or sound clip of playing the instrument.

The steps could use a photo of the real part and then the diagrams would clarify what you were trying to make. Edit the photo so you can draw arrows pointing to the part that is being constructed. Use GIMP or photoshop to annotate the images.I had a difficult time envisioning what was a hollowed out back of a log for the body of the instrument.

Ok, minor updates on text and intro pics... any better? I really should try doing this stuff on daytime someday.

Yes, my main comment is that I had no idea what a kantele is before I looked and I still had no idea after. Pictures are a must, possibly of someone in traditional dress/setting.

have to do some digging, but this is a good point. Thank you :)

I added a comment that kind of plagerizes some of what C-dad's written here ;-)