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Minecraft Answered

Hey I made an instructable about finding iron and diamonds. So I made this forum! Use it to chat frequently! Lol!


TopG.org Minecraft

Ok, I got a bit o minecraft knowledge for u. To get a creeper's gunpowder, sprint up to him, whack him with your sword, and sprint back. Your retreat will stop the detonation countdown. This is important because creepers only drop gunpowder if they die without suiciding. Repeat the sprint-whack-sprint attack until the creeper dies, then get the gunpowder.

you could also just yolo it and whack it in one run.

Would you rather die by lava, or die by falling in a hole far away from your spawn?

Hole. At least I have hope of getting my stuff back.

Use a bow if on hardcore, just a tip so you won't die.

well i wouldn't recommend that, unless you have an enchanted diamond sword.