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Minecraft Guide Collaboration partner Answered

Ive already started it but if youre interested, inbox me.

Not really much to say, just wondering if anyone is interested.




7 years ago

i hate that game soo much XD

clearly, because i dont like a poxy cube game...

I would enjoy helping. I'm not the greatest but I know alot of useful things about farming in minecraft.

Shouldn't this be in anothor forum? I think this would go under Games. But good idea, it would be useful to learn some hints (maybe some cheats/glitches/hacks ; ) ).

Il help! Some screen shots of some stuff i made!


Hey your bakenbitz right? Working on anything lately?

Not really just a ball machine. Go to my youtube to see recentish stuff from me.

Hahaha, that's 2 things of his that have been rendered pointless!


7 years ago

but i destroy you at this game

Guide? I understand the need for a partner, but what does this guide entail?

Hint 1: You can put mobs in minecarts


I know a lot about this game and most of the tricks possible.


7 years ago

I might be able to help, been playing it for over half a year now.

Meh, there's better ways for people to get information.

This is for things like tips and tricks, and how-to's and things like that.

Do NOT get me started on how much I dislike this game... I mean it's OK if you're playing with friends with the ability to give yourself infinite supplies with no monsters, but the worst part isn't the game, it's who plays the game. The last time I played minecraft, the admin set me on fire for no reason then banned me when I ripped him an earful.


7 years ago

I'll partner I guess.