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Minecraft Map: BuildBlocks PvP Answered

Hello, recently I made a map called control point and I wanted to do something with the /scoreboard command. So here is the outcome.

Team based
Simple yet fun
3 different class-each with strengths and weaknesses
2 teams
10 lives to each player
Players team and number of lives left displayed
Each dead player is teleported to a spectate area
Each team can build there base (Withing the regions)
If your team uses all the resources your team loses
No friendly-fire :D

The objectives is to basically kill the other team and be the last one standing


Well let's be honest, it's nothing compared to your control point map, but I guess sky based PvPs are always fun, especially if you have a little bit of command block logic in it... I'll sure download it, take a look at the commands though... It's always good to look at maps to learn, and I would like to make my own com. block logic based map some time... I won't lie, it still does look pretty good... I'd really like to see some more complicated maps from you dude... Get to work! ;)

Ha thanks, nah I like this map a lot better than the other one. I also download map to look at the commands ;P. Thanks for saying your download it because I'll make sure to put up a download link. When you play it make sure to tell me if there is any problems I didn't encounter. Any who know maybe we could work on a map sometime :D. I'm not sure what my next minecraft project will be, but it will most likely be something like this but better :).

Cool I look forward to making a map with you :) I'm not as good as you with command blocks, but I know tons about redstone so I could make some awesome things with that... Remind me where you're from?

I rather not say my location but I live in the Us. I'm also good with redstone as well as build PM..

Lol cool... I only meant Europe or US so I have my answer... Anyway cool when my test period is over, probably in July or August we can make something... I'll contact you about it then...


5 years ago

Enjoy :D